Fuel Equipment


Most companies have preferences regarding the fuel equipment they use. Our techs at Bassco Services are happy to modify equipment to fit your aviation fuel farm’s needs. With our expertise, a collaboration with Bassco can result in a completely custom tank on your fuel truck – no matter the scope.


Utilizing refurbished equipment is a great way to cut down on costs while still getting a quality product. Bassco Services specializes in restoring used equipment to meet current industry standards and expectations.

Our techs are also happy to modify used equipment with custom work during the refurbishing process upon request to fit the client’s needs. Refurbished fuel equipment products Bassco Services can offer include:

  • Sump fuel recovery unit (service and sell)
  • Airlines (service)
  • FBO (service)
  • Velcon
  • Garsite (parts)
  • Facet Coalescer Filter Vessel
  • Aircraft fuel trucks
  • Fuel pumping system
  • AV Gas (QC test equipment)
  • Jet A (QC test equipment)
  • Over wing (sell nozzles)
  • Under wing (sell nozzles)
  • Corporate Flight Departments (Service)
  • Military (installations and service)
  • Municipalities (Service)
  • Law Enforcement and first responders (service)