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Sales, service, repair. Bassco Services has a full staff of qualified technicians to do onsite repairs and inspections anywhere in the country.

  • Aircraft Refueler Repairs
  • Fuel Storage Repairs
  • PM Inspections
  • Meter Repairs
  • Tank Truck Repairs
  • Hose Reel Repairs
  • Truck Transporting
  • SPCC Plans & Design
  • Fuel Storage Installations & Upgrades
  • Hydrostatic Hose Testing
  • Tank Cleaning & Inspection
  • Filter Changes & Recycling
  • Pump Repairs
  • Millipore Testing
  • Water Slug Testing
  • Aviation Nozzle Rebuilding
  • Engineered Drawings & Designs
  • Meter Calibrations up to 1500 GPM
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