Bassco Services has extensive experience repairing ground-support equipment (GSE). If your team is looking to upgrade or refurbish your current equipmentwe have you covered.  

Depending on the size of your equipment, you may need to call and schedule an appointment in advance. Once our team has evaluated the product, we will call you (within 48 hours of arrival or inspection) to review an estimated timeline for project completion, among other details.  

Some of the ground-support equipment we service, and repair include: 

  • De-ice trucks 
  • Fuel trucks 
  • GPUs 
  • Tanks 
  • Pumping equipment 
  • Airplane tugs and tow tractors 
  • Jacks 
  • HPU’s 
  • Lav Carts 

PM Services

Preventative maintenance is an essential service to ensure the life and performance of your ground-support equipment. Whether you are housing stainless fueling cabinets, de-ice trucks, Jet/A fuel trucks, or tugs, you will save yourself the hassle of dealing with unexpected damages, repairs, and costs by enrolling in a preventative maintenance plan.  

Our team regularly services your equipment. Bassco Services performs preventative maintenance services quarterly – and sometimes more frequently, depending on how often the vehicles and machines are used. Our plans are customized depending on the needs of the client, giving you the flexibility to have your equipment serviced at a rate that fits your schedule, usage, and production. 

Refurbished Equipment

Bassco Services is a seasoned buyer and seller of ground-support equipment. Our techs are experienced in servicing and selling top-notch equipment to fuel farm buyers, as well as purchasing old equipment in need of refurbishing.  

If you’re interested in speaking with one of our team members about potentially buying or selling ground-support equipment, please call Bassco Services at 877-352-4432. 





For more information on how Bassco Services can keep your aviation fuel farm running at an optimal level, call us at 877-352-4432, or visit the fuel farm services page.