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Bassco Services has a long established reputation for aviation fueling facility construction and maintenance services. We maintain the qualifications necessary to perform a wide range of petroleum construction and maintenance services in various market segments. Our clients range from small private fueling facilities to large international airports and government installations.

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Fuel Farms

With more than 50 years of experience within the industry, Bassco Services is perfectly placed to provide a comprehensive range of services for aviation fuel farms.

We’ve worked at airports right across the United States to implement solutions for aviation fueling. From the initial fuel farm design right through to the installation, service, management and on-going maintenance of those fuel farms, Bassco Services is uniquely positioned to provide this comprehensive service to your airfield.

Our staff are fully certified to work on aviation fueling projects and experienced in delivering the very best. Bassco’s team can advise you on everything to do with the storage and delivery of your aviation fuel, including tank suitability, construction, compliance with regulatory requirements and the disposal of aircraft fuel.

Regardless of the type of airport, we can advise on existing fueling solutions you have in place, recommending upgrades where required and implementing management and maintenance programs. Our extensive service can also include the planning, scheduling and carrying out of repairs on existing equipment.

We’re also experienced in the decommission of aviation fuel farms that are no longer required, disposing of old or surplus equipment and fuel in line with regulations.

All of our services are carried out with an assurance that airport traffic will not be disrupted as a result of our work.

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General Aviation Fueling System Construction, Modification, & Maintenance

Our expertise and experience within the aviation fueling business means that we can quickly and professionally provide a wide range of general aviation fueling services.

We’ve worked on projects which involve us bidding on, designing and building fuel farms right across the country, forming solid working relationships with some of the leading fuel system engineering firms in the world in the process. This enables us to deliver first-rate fuel farm solutions which rival the best in the world, as well as delivering turn-key solutions to our clients.

All airports must now comply with environmental regulatory requirements, requirements which have increased in recent times. Our specialist approach to fuel farm design and fuel farm installation means that these requirements are at the forefront of all work that we do. Our approach also ensures that we provide our clients with the best value service. We ensure that your fuel farm conforms to all legal requirements, as well as adhering to best practice in the storage and delivery of aircraft fuel. Whether your requirements are for a fuel farm upgrade or an entirely new storage or delivery system, Bassco Services can help optimize your aviation fueling.

Fuel Farm Services

Our Services Include

  • Aircraft Refueler Repairs
  • Fuel Storage Repairs
  • PM Inspections
  • Meter Repairs
  • Tank Truck Repairs
  • Hose Reel Repairs
  • Truck Transporting
  • SPCC Plans & Design
  • Fuel Storage Installations & Upgrades
  • Hydrostatic Hose Testing
  • Tank Cleaning & Inspection
  • Filter Changes & Recycling
  • Pump Repairs
  • Millipore Testing
  • Water Slug Testing
  • Aviation Nozzle Rebuilding
  • Engineered Drawings & Design
  • Meter Calibrations up to 1500 GPM

Commercial Aviation Fueling System Construction, Modification, & Maintenance Services

Bassco Services provide complete commercial aviation fuel storage and fueling delivery systems to airports and airfields across the US.As one of the leaders in our field, Bassco are responsible for the construction of commercial aviation fueling systems which are fit to service the biggest of airports, with value and efficiency a given.

We incorporate the latest in fueling technologies into each and every system that we design and build, while working closely with the biggest vendors in the industry we are able to ensure delivery is on time, and on point. Our installations are capable of fueling the biggest commercial aircrafts in service today.

Our commercial aviation services include fuel farm design, installation, service and management. This is our area of expertise, and the systems and services we implement are tried and tested, harnessing our experience of success on other projects alongside the latest technology available to us. From getting the fuel in to the airfield, storing it and then moving it in to the aircraft itself, our fueling service is end-to-end.

Bassco Services can also be employed to review your existing fuel farm. Our fuel farm tank inspections team can visit to undertake a full and detailed analysis of the condition and performance of your existing storage tanks, as well as the fueling system as a whole.We can offer advice on preventative maintenance as well as fuel farm upgrades.

As part of this service, we can also decommission old fuel farms at commercial airports, replacing them with our new systems and guaranteeing no downtime in fueling services across the airfield.

Aside from the fueling system itself, we also offer airport refuelers for sale, and refurbished refuelers for sale, meaning that all of the fueling needs of your airport can be factored in to our bespoke service. Check out our specialist pages on this website for more information.

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